Friday, January 22, 2010

Schooled in Scrapbook

I had my first ever scrapbooking class last weekend, and it was SO MUCH FUN! There were four other ladies in the class with a lot more scrapbooking and life experiece (I brought down the median age by about half!) than I have and they were so nice! I sat a table with two other ladies and immediately let them know that I am a beginner, and one lady who had just hauled out what appeared to be an industrial size paper cutter, told me "don't worry honey, you are at the remedial table"...ha!

The class was pretty straight forward, the insructor had made a 2 page Valentine's Day themed layout and a Valentine's Day card. There were paper instructions and she walked us through the process of putting eerything together. We had to manually cut all the pieces of a flower and all I could think was, "Why did I buy they fancy Cricut if I am going to have to cut pieces by hand!"....whatever, I managed! I was without a doubt the slow kid in the class and I had A LOT of help from my tablemates! The first class ran from 10-12, but it took me about an extra hour!

There was another class at 1:00 and it was along the same lines as the morning class. All in all it was great fun. I really enjoyed the ladies in the class (especially the one that kept calling herself a dumbass...too cute!) and I am AMAZED at what I walked away with.

All of the papers and embellishments that we used are from Anna Giffith.

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