Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm Learning that eBay is too EASY!

First let me start by is waaay to easy to shop in your sleep. I managed to win two Cricut cartridges in the middle of the night...papercrafting is officially taking over my life.

I spent some time over the weekend to watch a few videos from the Pink Stamper website. She is my hero! I MUST have everything that the Pink Stamper has so that I can make the same beautiful creations as she does...and here comes the snowball effect. It's not enough that I already have a heart shape on one of my Cricut cartridges, and it certainly isn't enough that I have purchased software to create the exact heart that I want...nope-I need the heart that the Pink Stamper uses and that requires a $20-$30 investment in a new cartridge (surprisingly, this is a VERY good deal, cartridges retail at like $60!).

Not only have I spent time learning how to scrapbook and make cards, I am slowly becoming an expert on how to bid on eBay. My watch list is maxed out at 200 items and I have learned that there is no use in placing a bid before the last 30 seconds of the auction. That is when the real fun begins...its so exciting to bid against people. I have been smart enough to not go over what I plan on spending, then I just watch the other bidders bid against each other and think about how stupid they are for spending over $25 on the Love Struck cartridge because I know that sells it for $19.99 and sells it for $22.84 (with free shipping). Haha...morons! (look who's talking, right!)

I have lost count of how many cartridges to expect in the mail over the next week. At least I will have lots of options when my friends come over to create Valentine's Day Cards!

That's the Scrap Rap!

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  1. Ebay is definitely a learning curve! You're right about waiting to bid until the last 30 seconds. So much fun! I've won lots of things at a good price...and patience is a virtue with eBay...if you don't get it this time, there'll be another one up for bid soon. Enjoying looking at your blog..